How We Feed Our Family

At Camp Southwoods, we are committed to serving meals and snacks that are delicious, nutritionally balanced, safe for those with food allergies and sensitivities, and offer enough variety to keep meals exciting all summer long.

We understand and take seriously the needs of campers and staff with food allergies and/or requiring special diets. Our foodservice staff is trained to prepare meals using separate and sterilized utensils, cutting boards and cookware and goes to great lengths to ensure they have safe alternatives that make their meals and snacks just as enjoyable and varied as what our larger family experiences. We ensure this in our dining room, cookout sites and off-camp trips.

Because peanut and tree nut allergies are common and can be severe, we have chosen not to serve any nut products at Camp Southwoods. Sunflower butter is a safe alternative and is offered every day at our lunch and dinner salad bars.

It is also our pleasure to accommodate campers and staff choosing a vegetarian lifestyle by offering meat-free meal alternatives. Our lunch and dinner salad bars and pasta and potato bars provide more variety as well.

Our foodservice director runs a school foodservice program during the school year and has many years of experience feeding large groups of both children and adults. Our head girls counselor and assistant director is a registered dietitian with strong school foodservice, food allergy and special diets experience.

Sample Menu Items


Breakfast: Every morning a hot meal is served, alternating between a variety of egg dishes and pancakes, waffles and French toast with side dishes of potatoes and breakfast meats. Daily stations include a fresh fruit bar, yogurt, hot and cold cereals and breads and bagels.  

Lunch: Main dishes include chicken patties and tenders, tacos and burritos, sloppy joes, sandwiches, subs and wraps, pizza, grilled cheese and soups—all with vegetarian options provided. Daily lunch stations include deli platters of meats, cheeses and breads for making sandwiches as well as a salad bar of leafy greens, vegetable toppings and alternative proteins.

Dinner: Pasta dishes, stews, grilled and barbecue chicken, stir fries and our Sunday night cookouts make for fun and nourishing meals. Our daily salad bar and alternating pasta and potato bars allow for even more variety and creativity in putting meals together.  

Afternoon and Evening Snacks: Hand fruits are available for afternoon snacking. Lower camp gets an evening bunk snack while upper camp can visit the canteen.