Proud Members of Camp Southwoods


Meet Coach Steve 

Coaching is not only on Steven’s resume, it’s in his blood.

As a professional basketball and tennis coach, athletics director and now Director of Camp Southwoods, Steven knows how to build strong teams and foster empowering relationships between young people.

Steven brings a coach mindset to everything he does at Camp Southwoods. Coaching is beyond getting wins on the board. Coaching is about lifting others and creating a sense of teamwork as the foundation of success.

While his macro view is helping campers succeed in all they do, Steve takes the micro approach with his staff by ensuring the know all the details of how to help children learn and achieve goals. He teaches the staff how to be good coaches, so they can teach children to harness great moments.

He has assembled a team of dedicated professionals who love working with children for the betterment of their futures.

As you consider sending your child to Camp Southwoods, Steve is your go-to contact to make sure you feel comfortable and confident that your child is in the safest and most joyous place on earth.