Meet the Team

Carl and Maddie Acosta

Carl and Maddie Acosta came to Southwoods with the goal of taking camp to the next level. With 11 years of experience in camping, they knew a gem when they saw one, and Southwoods was the perfect landscape to foster their vision of giving children the tools to be resilient, independent, but above all, happy people.

Carl’s work with children started on the soccer field as a coach and instructor. After playing at Cal Berkeley where he held the title of the school’s highest-scorer, Carl went on to lead soccer camps in the Virgin Islands and coach in Marblehead, MA. Utilizing his Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnomusicology, he taught piano and guitar lessons, enjoying sharing not only his passion for athletics but music as well.

Camp Southwoods Meet the Team

Maddie began as an Equestrian Department Head at Waziyatah in 2013, which evolved into an eleven-year career in multiple leadership positions- from Athletics Director, to Head of Outdoor Programming, and every position in between. Maddie currently holds the distinction of Registered Maine Guide, Wilderness First Responder, and Certified Trip Leader Instructor.

The Acostas aim to create an environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and successes are meaningfully acknowledged. When children feel the support of their community, they can find the confidence they need to face fears and challenge themselves. It isn’t about achievement, but rather giving campers the chance to feel seen, and celebrated, for who they want to be.

The Acostas love living in beautiful Bridgton, Maine, and enjoy backcountry trekking, rock climbing, fishing, live music, and going on snowshoe hikes with their dog, Ghost.

Camp Southwoods Meet the Team

Stefanie Friedman

Stefanie’s entire professional career has been spent in camping. She has been a lifelong camper, counselor, group leader, head counselor and assistant director. Prior to joining us at Southwoods, she spent fifteen years working full time, year-round at another premier sleepaway camp. Stefanie takes the time to get to know each family personally as she partners with parents to set their children up for success in a camp setting. She has an extraordinary amount of expertise in childcare and has an extensive background in overseeing all aspects of a camp environment twelve months out of the year.

Stefanie is an active member of the American Camp Association, and she attends various events with other camp professionals throughout the year. She is continuously committed to improving upon the camp community of which she has long been a member. Stefanie brings to camp a sense of spirit, warmth and enthusiasm that proves to be contagious to all of those around her.

Camp Southwoods Meet the Team