Our Program

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Our Program

Welcome to Camp Southwoods! We are excited you are considering joining the Southwoods family.

At Southwoods, we believe in trying a little bit of everything! Our programming combines weekly, daily, free-choice, and group activities to maximize how much we can do with each camp day.

Weekly Elective:

Campers will choose which activities they want to participate in for the week. These are skills based activities with markable achievements.

Daily Activity:

Campers will have opportunities to be programmed with just their cabin mates. This gives them a chance to form deep bonds while trying new things and having fun. Lower Camp has three a day, Upper Camp only has one.

Daily Elective:

Campers will choose these periods every single day! Daily electives have variety, offering campers a chance to try new things and have fun with their friends.

We give our campers opportunities to choose their favorite things to do, encourage them to try new activities, and provide exciting and age-appropriate outdoor experiences in the beautiful Adirondack mountains. We like to say we’re a well rounded camp with an outdoor focus. There are more activities than they could ever choose from! But the parts of the program that are the most meaningful are the opportunities campers get to explore and interact with the natural world.

  Lower Camp Upper Camp
7:45 Breakfast
8:15 Cabin Clean Up
8:45 Morning Line Up
9:00 Period 1: Daily Activity Period 1: Daily Activity
10:10 Period 2: Weekly Elective Period 2: Weekly Elective
11:20 Period 3: Daily Elective Period 3: Daily Elective
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Rest Hour
2:00 Swim/Small Craft
3:10 Period 5: Daily Activity Period 5: Weekly Elective
4:20 Period 6: Daily Elective Period 6: Daily Elective
5:30 Freshen Up
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Evening Line Up
7:00 Canteen Free Play
7:45 Evening Activity
9:00 Huddle Up Canteen
9:30 Lights Out Huddle Up

Lower Camp


Rising 3rd and 4th grade

  • Combination cabin and choice programming.
  • On site traditional camping trips
  • Designated General Counselors for extra hands on help.


Rising 5th and 6th grade

  • Combination cabin and choice programming.
  • On site and off site camping trips.
  • Off Site hiking and canoeing adventures.

Upper Camp


Rising 7th and 8th grade

  • Mostly choice programming.
  • Off site camping and portaging trips.
  • Off site rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, and hiking adventures.


Rising 9th and 10th grade

  • Choice programming.
  • Multi-day off site camping and portaging trips.
  • Off site rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, and hiking adventures.
Camp Southwoods Letter from the Directors
Camp Southwoods Letter from the Directors
Camp Southwoods Letter from the Directors

The Southwoods Cheat Sheet

We do two line ups a day. In the morning, Line Up is focused on announcements. Our campers are given the information they’ll need for the day, reminded to wear their sunscreen, and sent off on another exciting day at Southwoods. In the evening, Line Up is about celebrating the milestones of the day. We recognize our campers for their achievements, like standing up on skis for the first time, but also for the moments of the day where they chose The Southwoods Way. The teenager who helps the seven year old find their crocs after swim lessons is celebrated in the same way as the camper who shot their first three-pointer.

Canteen time is when campers can go to the snack bar or get something out of the camp store. Much like “gathering around the watering hole” canteen is a time for campers to get any essentials they’ve run out of, enjoy a sweet treat, and most importantly, hang out with their friends!

Evening activity! These can be full-camp events like campfire or social or division specific activities to give kids time to bond with their peers. Evening activity only has one goal: FUN.

Huddle Up is the most important part of the day. At home, the bedtime routine is usually done by the campers parents. To get ahead of any feelings of homesickness, at camp we end our day with huddle up. The counselors propose a question to the bunk and everyone gets a chance to listen and be heard in return. Campers all say the same thing: Huddle Up is the time of the day where friends become family.