Teen Leadership

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Teen Leadership

The coolest thing you’ll ever be is a CIT.

The Southwoods Teen Leadership program combines three different elements to give our teens their most important summer yet:


CIT’s earn their American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification, CPR/First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid.

Community Service

Many college applications require community service hours. Our CIT’s walk away with hours in environmental and humanitarian service.

Leadership Training

CIT’s choose and complete a leadership project as a team. They must work together, delegate, and clearly communicate to complete their goal. CIT’s also get additional opportunities to help with cabins, facilitate programming, and contribute to their camp community.

Camp Southwoods Teen Leadership


Yes! No prior camp experience is needed to be a CIT.

No, the only "mandatory" session is Session 2. All certifications and the project take place in Session 2. This is the "complete" CIT session. Session 1 and 3 have trips and additional community service opportunities. CITs are welcome to come as long as they want, but must come Session 2 to say they've completed the program.

Yes! They do participate in activities. We want their summer to be as much fun as it is formative. CITs sign up for activities on days they are not being certified or off-camp doing their service hours.

No. CITs have their own cabins and are assigned adoptive cabins to support and bond with.

Tuition for CITs is the same as campers. This covers the cost of their certifications, trips, etc. (Enroll)

Rising juniors. For this year ONLY we are taking juniors and seniors due to the lapse in the leadership program.
Camp Southwoods Teen Leadership
Camp Southwoods Teen Leadership
Camp Southwoods Teen Leadership