The Three C’s

The Three C’s

At Southwoods, our central tenants are the Three C’s:


Southwoods campers act with bravery. Whether it’s trying new things, going outside of their comfort zone, heading off into the natural world or standing up for what they believe in, our campers learn by example to take leaps of faith and act with a lion heart.


At Southwoods, we believe it’s not enough to know “how” and encourage our campers to always ask “why?” Campers are given space to ask questions, to explore, invent, create, and truly understand the world around them.


Southwoods is more than a fun place to spend a summer; it’s a community of people from all walks of life, cultures, races, religions, and locations. Southwoods campers learn to embrace people different from them, the ecosystems that make up their natural community, and celebrate the beautiful variety our world has to offer.